The mains caracteres of the season one

The mains caracteres of the season one

The evaluation

Doing this project permited me to improve my English skills, like my grammar and my verbs. It also permited me to develop an English ear because in my entourage, we never speak English. I learned how to make the summary of a TV program. Furthermore, I learned how to conjugate the past tenses and a lot of words I didn’t know before. I would recommend this show to other students because it’s pleasant and helpful. I found this project really interesting because even if it’s a kind of obligation, we can choose something that we will have fun doing.

Riots, Drills and the Devil (second part) : In Michael Scofield’s shoes

I started a big riot in Fox River Prison to check my plan for the escape so all the prisoners were free. When I got back to the prison, I saw on the TV in the security room that Sarah was in danger. The prisoners were trying several times to get into the room where Sarah was locked in and I worried about her so I decided to go get her. But another problem happened. T-Bag took a ward as a hostage and he decided to bring him to our cell. They discovered the hole in our cell and I was very disappointed. Because of this, T-Bag killed the ward because he could denounce our plan. I was really mad but Sarah was still in danger so I finally decided myself to help her. I passed through the air conditioning and I succeeded to join her before she got hurt but the other prisoners were still running after us. The governor, who is Sara’s father, arrived with the army to make his daughter leave this hell. I brought her to a safe place and I let her leave. After that, I got back to my cell and the army force succeeded to control the riot.

The Cell Test

In the third episode, Michael arrived at the infirmary because Abruzzi tried to make him talk about Fibonacci but it didn’t work, so he decided to cut Michael’s toe. Scofield didn’t want to denounce Abruzzi because the warders were protecting him. Michael had another problem, he had to test his cell partner to make sure he could trust him. Scofield decided to give a cell phone to Fernando and Lincoln denounced him to see if he would denounce Michael but Fernando didn’t and lost her conjugal visit. Later, he discovered that the cell phone was made of soap and this was just a test, he asked to move to another cell. So Michael inherited another cell partner who was unsteady and had brain damage that prevented him from slipping. After his arrest, L.J. had to go see a prisoner regularly who would be in this case, his father. At the same time, Lincoln had to choose the people who would be present at his execution so he asked to L.J. After violence didn't work with Michael, Abruzzi finally decided to help him in his project in exchange for information on Fibonacci. On his side, Veronica found someone named Laetitia Barris who claimed that she knew who killed Steadman, the vice president's brother. Laetitia gave information and details to Veronica and asked her if she could go outside to smoke. During this time, Kellerman, an agent who worked for the vice president, kidnapped Laetitia and killed her…

The Pilot

The first episode started while Michael Scofield, a brilliant engineer, stole 500 000 dollars from a bank and he’s arrested by the police. He decides to plead guilty, without his barrister’s consent, Veronica, who’s also his friend. The only thing he asks for, is to go to Fox River prison. Michael arrives in Fox River and find his cell partner, Fernando Sucre. He immediately asks to be in contact with Lincoln Burrows, his brother. Lincoln is going to be executed in one month because he’s accused wrongly for the murder of the brother of the vice president. Lincoln has a son named, “L.J.” or Lincoln Junior who was just arrested for the possession of drugs. We also learn that the hold-up was just a way to get into Fox River to help his brother escape and that Michael got the plan of Fox River tattooed all over his body because he built a part of the prison. Michael feigns a diabetic problem to receive an injection regularly by the Dr. Tancredi because he needs to go in this room to succeed his escape. He also needs to meet John Abruzzi, a Mafioso who controls everything inside the prison and has a network of contacts that will make them disappear after their escape. Charles Westmoreland is also an important character because he’s supposed to have a lot of money and this is necessary to live after their escape.

Hey!!! I'm Andréanne and I want to introduce you to my favor tv program

I know that in general, girls are watching “One Tree Hill” or “Gilmore Girls” for example, but its not my case...I found these seasons nice but there isn’t enough action. The TV program that really makes me enjoy staying in front of my television is the famous Prison Break season. The reasons are very simple... the story is really great; there is a lot of action, good actors and the tattoos on Michael Scofield are amazing....